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Please fill out the following health declaration form in order to complete your booking.
Have you (or anyone in your houeshold) travelled abroad, been advised to isolate, or displayed any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days - namely fever, high temperature, persistent coughing, breathing difficulties/shortness of breath, and/or loss of taste or smell?


Here at Be Beautiful, we pride ourselves on keeping our guests health and safety our number one priority. With this ideal in mind, we want to bring a safety regulation to your attention. Professional eyebrow and lash tint and wax manufactures are now recommending a patch test be performed 48 hours prior to any service that apply product directly to the skin. We know many of our guests have been receiving services without any adverse reaction and for your convenience, we are providing this patch test release form. Please note that manufactures recommend this test be done before every on-the-skin eyebrow and lash tint and wax service and that a negative patch test does not guarantee you will not have an adverse reaction to colour/tint.


I am aware and understand that:

1. Receiving any on-the-skin service can, in some individuals, cause an allergic reaction.

2. This reaction can occur at any time even if I received this service on previous occasions.

3. The manufacturer recommend performing a skin patch test (48) hours prior to all services that are directly applied to the skin.

4. A negative skin patch test does not guarantee that a reaction will not occur.

5. These risks have been explained to me and if I have any concerns, I will seek medical advice prior to any colour service.

6. Be Beautiful offer a complimentary patch test service 48hours prior to each visit.


I release and hold Be Beautiful, and its owner, officers, directors, employees and agents harmless against any and all liability, damage, and/or expenses arising out of or in connection with actions, claims, and/or damages resulting in personal injuries and disabilities (physical or psychological) relating in any manner to the chemical alteration through permanent chemical.


I have read the above information in respect of my selected treatment, and if I have any concerns, I have already address these and decided, of my own volition, to continue with the selected treatment and, if any such concern(s) arise during the selected treatment, I will address these with my Therapist immediately. I give full permission to my Therapist to perform the waxing procedure which we have discussed and agree to hold her, her employer and an person or entity who owns or hold themselves/itself out as the proprietor of this salon harmless for any liability that may result, directly or indirectly, from my decision to proceed with this treatment.

I confirm that I have given an accurate account of the questions asked above including (but no limited to) by providing details to my Therapist of all known allergies all prescription drugs that I am taking or have taken recently and/or all products that I am currently ingesting or using topically.

I understand that my Therapist will take every precaution to minimise or eliminate negative reactions as much as possible. I understand that a patch test has been offered to me 24hour before my treatment and I confirm that I have either:​

Been subject to this patch test, allowed a 24hour period to elapse and have not had an adverse reaction.
Been subject to this patch test, allowed a period of 24hours to elapse and had a very minor and inconsequential adverse reaction, which I have notified my Therapist of but have decided of my own account to proceed with the full treatment in any event or:
Declined the opportunity to be subject to a patch test and, accordingly, have accepted all risk of the treatment resulting in an adverse reaction

​And have agreed, in each case to hold my Therapist, her employer and/or any person or entity who owns or holds themselves/itself out as the proprietor of this salon harmless in the event that any such adverse reaction occurs.

I understand that a temperature test is carried out at the star of every waxing treatment and I confirm that such temperature test has been completed on me and I did not feel any discomfort that my Therapist has not been made aware of. I confirm that, in the event that I feel discomfort as any stage during my treatment, I will draw my Therapist’s attention to it and request that she stop the treatment immediately. I agree and acknowledge that waxing as a treatment by its nature results in certain well known and widely acknowledged side effects such as swelling, redness, bruising, tenderness etc.

I have read and understand the pre and post-treatment guidelines and home care instructions. I agree that I will follow recommendations made for home care regimen that can minimise or eliminate possible negative reactions that occur following treatment and acknowledge that any failure to follow such recommendations will be at my sole risk. In the event that I may have additional questions or concerns regarding m treatment or aftercare, I agree that I will consult my Therapist immediately.

I agree that this constitutes my entire agreement to proceed with this treatment, and that it supersedes any previous verbal or written disclosures or agreements made by me in connection with this treatment. I confirm and certify that I have read and fully understand the above elements of my agreement and that I have had sufficient opportunity for discussion and to have any questions answered. To the extent that I have had questions, these have been answered to my satisfaction and, on the basis of the answers provided, I confirm that I am comfortable and willing to proceed with this treatment. I agree that I understand the treatment and accept the risks associated with it. I do not hold the Therapist, her employer and/or any person or entity who owns or holds themselves/itself out as the proprietor of this salon, responsible for any risks that I may be exposed to as a result of proceeding with this treatment.


Please avoid the following 24 hours after all waxing treatments:

  • Hot Showers / Baths

  • Sun Beds / Sun Exposure

  • Heat Treatments including sauna and steam rooms

  • Tight or restrictive clothing

  • Excessive perspiration e.g. running, gym, exercise

  • Applying any product on the waxed area e.g. fake tan, moisturisers, make-up, deodorant

  • Touching/scratching the waxed area

  • Swimming/chlorinated water


These after waxing tips should be followed:

  • Exfoliate the waxed area 2 – 3 times weekly to prevent ingrown hairs (wait 7 days post wax to start exfoliating)

  • Use a moisturising product daily to keep skin smooth

  • Return for your waxing every 4 – 6 weeks


Facial waxing aftercare

  • Keep waxed area clean and bacterial free

  • Avoid applying Make-up and moisturiser for 24hours

  • Avoid touching the waxed area


Underarm, Bikini and leg waxing aftercare

  • Avoid tight, restrictive clothing

  • Do not apply deodorant

  • Do not apply fake tan or moisturiser for 24hours

  • Exfoliate the area twice weekly

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