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Volume lash Refills (within 4 weeks)

Refilling any lashes as required.

  • 1 h
  • 65 euros

Service Description

Some reasons why lashes need to be refilled: 1. The Growth Cycle Of Your Natural Lashes Your natural lashes have a growth cycle, much like the rest of your hair. This consists of three phases – the anagen or growth phase, the catagen or transition phase, and the telogen or resting phase. Depending on where you are in this cycle, you may experience some lash shedding. 2. Using Oil-Based Products And Make-Up Around The Eyes Oil-based products are not a friend for your eyelash extensions. Oil dissolves and interferes with the adhesive of your extensions, loosening the bond your lash technician will have carefully created between the extension and your natural lash. Avoid any make-up remover that contains oils, as well as any make-up. You may also want to look at the eye cream and moisturizer you’re using on your face, too, as this might be interacting badly with your extensions. 3. Wearing Certain Mascara If you wear waterproof, oil-based, fiber, or tube mascara, then you’re not giving your eyelash extensions the best environment. Oil-based mascaras will interfere with the adhesive of your extensions, as will fibre or tube mascara. Waterproof mascara may also require some rigor to remove, as you might need to tug or pull at your lashes to really get rid of the residue. 4. You Rub Your Eyes Frequently Please don’t touch your eyes when you have extensions in. 5. Your Sleeping Habits Sometimes, the way you sleep and poor sleep hygiene will cause your extensions to fall out too soon. Friction between your pillow and your extensions may result in them becoming loose and either tangling or shedding.

Contact Details

  • 087 750 1398

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